The Forgotten Art of Letter Writing

Once upon a time, “Let’s grab a drink.” definitely wasn’t a way to ask someone on a date. If a man said that to a lady, depending on the circumstances, he could end up in a duel. When writing a letter, a man or woman needed to show the exceptional skills of great grammar, style, vocabulary, and even handwriting. No wonder why letters 100 years old or more are pieces of art. Today, communication is much much faster and we have our own phrases we use in texting. But how did these “digital media” phrases look way back in 1779? Take a look at this short video and find out!



Ivana Tucak



Source: Johnson C, “The Complete Art of Writing Letters: Adapted to All Classes and Conditions of Life”.The Bavarian State Library (Staats- und Stadtbibliothek Augsburg), Lowndes, 1779.


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