Did Ancient, Medieval, and Early Modern People Love War?

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Ancient, Medieval, and early modern people saw war as a means to an end. In general, they saw war as something they have to do to obtain something else, because there is no other, better option. War isn’t something that is pleasant, so it’s hard to say that the people really loved it. Of course, there were individuals who enjoyed their warrior calling and who knew how to motivate their soldiers.  But they were just individuals. Here are three examples of the role of war in the Ancient, Medieval and early modern world.

Ancient Rome

When founded, Rome was a small city grown from settlements on the Tiber River. In time, it started to expand and developed its own army into one of the most powerful in history. But, the army was only a means to obtain the real goal and that was power. So, Romans didn’t like war. They liked the power and everything power brings.

Middle Ages

During the Middle Ages, war became a more complex concept. While Ancient Romans fought for power, Medieval people fought for the things in which they believed. Land, money, power, government, religion – all these were often reasons for a bloodbath.

Early Modern World

Early modern war was similar to war during the Middle Ages, but with one important difference – a need for change. The Early Modern World, especially the 18th century, is the age of change, caused also by scientific and technological progress. A situation like that affected the social and political life of the early modern world. The idea of change developed in time and again, war was a means to accomplish that change or, in other words, to carry out a revolution.

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