Gallery: Your Favorite Classic Characters in Photos (From Books, Not Movies and TV)

Musketeers from The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas

One of the most fascinating aspects of our civilization heritage are books. But here, I don’t talk about the books as only having a certain number of paper pages with a cover. I’m talking about those eternal stories that represent some of the greatest treasures left on paper. Literature masterpieces today are small worlds left on paper to which we have a duty to preserve for future generations. They are a witness of people and their thoughts in certain eras in history. No matter if they have a certain message or were written for pure entertainment, we always like to return to our favorite classic characters and their stories. But what if you could take a photo of them? With other things, AI also makes that possible. So, click here and take a look at the “selfies” of your favorite literary characters.

Gallery: Classic characters in photos

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